Celsius Network COO: Bitcoin inventor deserves Nobel Prize

Celsius Network COO: Bitcoin inventor deserves Nobel Prize

Daniel Leon, co-founder and COO of cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius Network, suggested that bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto should be nominated for the Nobel Prize in economics.

Daniel Leon thinks that the creation of the first cryptocurrency was a revolutionary step for the Internet. The head of Celsius Network is sure that this innovation definitely deserves the Nobel Prize award. He stresses that the contribution that Satoshi Nakamoto made to improve the financial prosperity of many people is truly enormous. “Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been able to improve their financial situation because of bitcoin, not academic economists,” Daniel Leon stated in his speech. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to own approximately 5% of all bitcoins in circulation.

The COO of Celsius Network calls bitcoin “the innovation of trust” that gives people freedom from centralized organizations, including banks or government agencies. “When a bank goes insolvent, the government bails it out, and when the government itself fails, it just prints money,” Daniel Leon said. He also added that crypto assets have turned the financial industry upside down. Today, bitcoin users can instantly transfer huge amounts of money at incredibly low fees compared to the ones offered by banks, the Celsius chief operating officer concluded. 


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