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  Symbol Bid Ask
EURUSD 1.1091 1.1094
GBPUSD 1.561 1.5613
USDJPY 123.18 123.21
USDCHF 0.9423 0.9426
USDCAD 1.2557 1.256
EURJPY 136.61 136.64
EURCHF 1.0453 1.0456
GBPJPY 192.25 192.32
GBPCHF 1.471 1.4717
GOLD 1167.53 1168.13

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Notification of new economic releases

InstaForex Company actively brings into action the system of informing its existing and potential clients of economic news. You can get free emails about releases scheduled in the economic calendar. Moreover, you can set a time period between emailing and the very publication of this news on InstaForex Company website. Notification messages will certainly help you in making trading decisions.