The ForexCopy system by InstaForex allows investors to copy positions of the most successful Forex traders. Why is this system interesting for the successful traders? Providing their service, experienced traders receive a commission for every copied trade or a commission for every subscription day.

There are several ways to reward the successful Forex traders, who act as a subscription object for the followers in the ForexCopy system. Registering with the system, a trader selects one of the following payment options:

  • Daily commission (followers are charged with the commission every 24 hours);
  • Commission per every trade opened within the ForexCopy subscription;
  • Profit share paid by the followers;
  • Commission for the volume of copied trades closed with either profit or loss;
  • Free copying (a trader receives the commission per lots traded from the broker).

The ForexCopy Traders set up payment options at registering in the system. Each payment option is set individually for every ForexCopy subscription: one trader can receive the commission from the followers in various ways: per one day, per one trade or profit share.

The opportunity to choose and change the payment options for ForexCopy subscription allows creating the highly convenient conditions for both members of the system: someone values the opportunity to pay after the profit is derived (profit share payment), others prefer to pay per every trade. The freedom of choice and the freedom of offer are the components of the ForexCopy system success, which make it attractive for traders that strive to earn both from their own trading and from rendering the service of copying their trades.

ForexCopy Monitoring will help you check the success of various forex traders registered with the ForexCopy system and choose those who seem the most prosperous to you. Monitoring contains yield statistics, balance and equity growth charts with adjustable timeframe enabling you to track the trading effectiveness of a chosen ForexCopy trader.
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