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InstaForex Company invites you to get acquainted with one of the most stable and effective instruments of capital saving. Nowadays, almost everyone interested can get access to the global gold market and invest funds in this precious metal.

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12 Jul 2024 23:59
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Top 10 countries with largest gold reserves

If you want to trade gold and reap a profit, you should be aware of the volume of gold reserves in different countries. The gold price can change dramatically if the authorities of any state have started piling up gold or selling it.

However, the main driver for gold prices is a change in the volume of gold reserves in countries that hoarded the most significant amount of this shiny metal. Read about the countries with the largest gold reserves:

1. US
As of the end of 2022, the US gold reserves amounted to 8,133 tons. Notably, gold makes up almost 80% of the country's foreign reserves.

2. Germany
According to the latest estimates, Germany's gold reserves stand at 3,355 tons. Gold accounts for almost 75% of the country's total foreign reserves.

3. Italy
As of December 2022, Italy's gold reserves were estimated at 2,452 tons. Gold made up almost 70% of the country's total foreign reserves.

4. France
Reportedly, the Bank of France currently has 2,437 tons of gold in its possession. The precious metal takes 64.5% of the country’s foreign reserves.

5. Russia
In late 2022, Russia\’s gold reserves were estimated at 2,299 tons. However, gold amounted to only 22% of the total volume of the country's foreign reserves.

6. China
Although China is the world's largest gold miner, only 3.3% of its foreign reserves account for gold. Thus, it has 1,948 tons of gold.

7. Switzerland
According to the latest data, 1,040 tons of gold are stored in the vaults of the Swiss National Bank today. Gold makes up approximately 5.4% of the total gold and foreign exchange reserves of the country.

8. Japan
The Bank of Japan holds 846 tons of gold in its reserves. However, gold accounts for only 3% of the country's total gold and foreign exchange reserves.

9. India
Since 2017, India has started de-dollarization and has begun actively stocking up with gold. Over time, its gold reserves have grown by 36%. Nowadays, they amount to 769 tons. This is 6.5% of the total volume of all gold and foreign exchange reserves of the country.

10. The Netherlands
As of the end of 2022, the gold reserves of the Netherlands were estimated at 612 tons. Gold accounts for more than 67% of the total foreign reserves of the county.

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