Conditions of «Secure VIP Zone Ticket for Ultimate Fights» Campaign

1. General Regulations

    • 1.1. Campaign Title - «Secure VIP Zone Ticket for Ultimate Fights» (hereafter referred to as – Campaign).
    • 1.2. The Campaign is arranged by InstaFintech Group (herein after – Organizer).
    • 1.3. The Campaign contains:
      • Drawing of 3 tickets for 2 persons to «Grand Mix Fight 2011»
      • 500 USD bonus to a trading account
      • brand-name caps and T-shirts.
    • 1.4 Terms of running the Campaign (herein after – Campaign holding period) are published on the page of Campaign participants.

2. Campaign Participants

    • 2.1. Only legally capable full-aged persons are allowed to take part in the Campaign having real trading accounts with InstaForex Company (herein after – Participant).
    • 2.2. In order to participate in the Campaign it is required to fund InstaForex real trading account in the amount of 300 USD or more in the Campaign holding period and register on the website instaforex.com.
    • 2.3. The participant has a right to register more than one trading account in the Campaign raising his chances of prize winning. However, in case of opening more than 100 accounts the Contest Administration reserves the right to reduce the number of accounts-participants belonging to this client up to 100 accounts in this Campaign.
    • 2.4. The Campaign rules allow any account complying with the condition: A - B + C > 300.00 USD, where A is amount of deposits from the moment of Campaign holding, B – amount of withdrawals from the moment of Campaign holding, C – result of trading.

3. Trading Terms

    • 3.1. All trading orders opened by non-market prices will fall under cancellation.
    • 3.2. The participant may use trading advisors and trading strategies with no any restrictions.
    • 3.3. The participant can change his trading account type at any time to Swap-free (and inversely) applying to the Technical Support Department.
    • 3.4. ВAll other trading terms for the Campaign’s accounts-participants are similar to those for live trading accounts with InstaForex Company.

4. Winners Election

4.1. Election of 3 tickets drawing winners for 2 persons to «Grand Mix Fight 2011» Tournament, 500 USD bonus to a trading account, brand-name caps and T-shirts (herein after – Campaign Winners).

    • 4.1.1. Account of the first Campaign Winner will be determined by the following scheme: in the algorithm of winners’ election the last 3 figures of account number are taken (despite if it is 5-digit, 6-digit or 7-digit number). If these 3 figures get in line with Tornado-number, then account holder becomes a ticket owner for two persons or 500 USD bonus to a trading account, brand-name caps and T-shirts. Accounts with the least inclination from Tornado-number become the rest two finalists of the Campaign.
    • 4.1.2. The rates fixation at the moment of deals closing is implemented for the following pairs:
      • The first figure of Tornado-number – the last figure of EURUSD closing
      • The second figure of Tornado-number – the last figure of GBPUSD closing
      • The third figure of Tornado-number – the last figure of USDJPY closing
    • 4.1.3. In case this account matching the Tornado-number is not a Participant the next after him is elected as a winner or the preceding one. The winner is decided by the principle of the biggest deposit calculated by formula: A - B + C.
    • 4.1.4. If several figures get in line with Tornado-number formed in this way – 5-digit account, result of the first figure deletion in 6-digit account and result of the first two figures deletion in 7-digit account number, then the prize is awarded to the account holder with the biggest deposit (the biggest deposit is determined by the following formula: A - B + C).
    • 4.1.5. If none of figures in Campaign accounts come in line with the generated Tornado-number – in this case, account holders with the least inclination from Tornado-number are elected as Campaign Winners.
    • 4.1.6. For the contest winners there is an opportunity to get the bonus in amount of $500. For this purpose it is enough to send 10 high-quality photos from the Championship in a T-shirt and a cap with InstaForex logotype. The company reserves the right to deny crediting the bonus funds without explaining the reason.

5. Results Publication

    • 5.1. The statistics of regions and countries can be published, and the registration of contest accounts and participants is run on this basis.
    • 5.2. Campaign results are published during 7 days after the Campaign finish and implementation of all necessary verifications.

6. Prize Awarding

    • 6.1. The Winners have to send their photos and scanned passport/ID copies to the e-mail address: [email protected] or by fax: (+7 4012 616265) within 10 days after announcing the contest totals.
    • 6.2. Prize funds will be accrued to the real trading account opened by the Contest Administration.
    • 6.3. Prize funds cannot be withdrawn, but the profit from them is allowed for withdrawal.

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