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Heute ist Öl der am meisten gehandelte Rohstoff weltweit. Die Ölgeschäfte werden an fast allen Märkten abgewickelt. Es werden CFDs auf Öl und Ölprodukte an allen Börsen angeboten (die größten befinden sich in New York, London und Singapur).
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05 Mar 2021 23:59
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What factors determine oil prices?

Oil price depends on a lot of geopolitical factors and reflects market participants’ sentiment. Countries, big companies, and traders can all be considered the players in the oil market.

For example: airline companies trade oil to hedge their risks for fuel price growth, whereas traders perform deals in order to make money from market fluctuations.

Oil prices are conditioned by the same factors as the exchange rates of currencies, i.e. political developments, financial events, and even weather.

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*News Of The Day: Pound Little Changed After U.K. Halifax House Prices .*  Other News: 1. Dollar Continues To Climb Higher  2. Ten-Year Yield Closes Nearly Flat After Spiking Above 1.6%  3. Oil Futures Settle Sharply Higher For The Day, Gain Over 7% In Week  4. *U.S. Consumer Credit Increased By $9.7 Billion In January  5. Gold Futures Settle Lower As Bond Yields, Dollar Rise  6. Ireland GDP Falls In Q4  7. Dollar Extends Advance After Robust U.S. Jobs Data  8. U.S. Trade Deficit Widens In January As Imports Rise More Than Exports  9. U.S. Job Growth Far Exceeds Estimates In February  10. *U.S. Dollar Extends Gain To 1.3779 Vs Pound, 108.64 Vs Yen  

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