22.02.2024 10:19 AM
Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for February 22, 2024

Ethereum's Whale of an Opportunity: Deciphering ETH's Next Move Amidst Big Buys

The Ethereum market has been abuzz with activity as a notable crypto whale, known as 0x7a9, embarked on a substantial buying streak, amassing ETH worth $185.5 million over three days. This aggressive accumulation reflects a surge in confidence for Ethereum and sparks discussions on the ripple effects across its pricing landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ethereum catches the market's eye as a crypto whale's massive buying spree hints at underlying confidence.
  • Technical indicators suggest caution, but market sentiment remains overwhelmingly bullish.
  • Analysts see potential price dips as key buying opportunities, predicting a strong continuation for ETH.

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ETH Whale's Actions Market Impact:

The recent Ethereum whale's actions, characterized by significant withdrawals from Binance and substantial trades on decentralized exchanges like 1inch, have turned heads and set the tone for Ethereum's near-term market sentiment. With Ethereum trading around the $3,000 mark, such large-scale movements are pivotal in swaying market dynamics.

Technical Analysis:

The H4 chart for ETH/USD displays a complex picture:

  • The emergence of a bearish engulfing pattern and a shooting star candlestick signals potential short-term reversal or consolidation.
  • Bearish divergence on the RSI further adds to the cautious stance, suggesting that despite the recent bullish momentum, a correction could be imminent.
  • However, Ethereum's price holding above both the EMA 100 and DEMA 50 indicates an underlying bullish trend.
Market Sentiment:

Despite technical indicators leaning towards sell signals, the sentiment scoreboard is emphatically bullish, with a staggering 77% bullish versus 23% bearish. This sentiment has seen an uptrend in the past week and is further bolstered by recent days' data, suggesting that the community may be gearing up for an alt season.

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Bullish Scenario: If the market continues to echo the optimism of the whale's investments and analyst sentiments, Ethereum could break past the resistance levels set by the weekly pivot points. The first target for bulls lies at WR1 ($2,937), with further potential upswings aiming for WR2 ($2,929) and the psychological barrier at WR3 ($3,041).

Bearish Scenario: Should the technical indicators' sell signals manifest into a price downturn, Ethereum could see support levels being tested. A dip below the weekly pivot ($2,896) could lead to further retracements to WS1 ($2,865). If the bearish pressure persists, subsequent floors at WS2 ($2,824) and WS3 ($2,751) may come into play.


The Ethereum market is at a crossroads, with technical signals calling for caution while the sentiment and strategic whale behavior indicate a bullish trend. Investors and traders should weigh these factors and prepare for both scenarios by setting strategic entry and exit points based on pivot levels and market signals.

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