New Covid-19 wave sweeps over Europe

New Covid-19 wave sweeps over Europe

According to CNBC, a new coronavirus wave swept over Europe with the onset of cold weather. As a result, most eurozone countries have introduced a partial or full lockdown. What is more, those who refused to get vaccinated may face additional restrictions.

On November 18, Germany’s authorities reported that the number of new virus cases hit the all-time high. The news caused grave concerns among both politicians and epidemiologists. Germany’s outgoing chancellor, Angela Merkel, met the country’s 16 state premiers to discuss the coronavirus situation, describing it as “dramatic”.

Notably, Germany’s state of emergency is set to lapse on November 25. This measure enabled the local authorities to have tighter control over the health issues. Some state health ministers are calling for the extension of the state of emergency as it allows them to introduce such measures as lockdowns and school closures.

Experts are worried about the rapid rise in the number of new virus cases. Even the widespread testing and tracing failed to stop the virus spread. Notably, the German healthcare system provides efficient counter-measures. That is why the death toll is lower than in its neighboring countries. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, to date, Germany has recorded over 5.1 million cases of the virus and almost 100,000 deaths.

In addition, Covid passports are becoming the norm in Europe. They demonstrate the immune status of a person. However, unvaccinated people and those who have not caught the virus yet cannot visit most public places and receive some services. In some countries, there are restrictions for unvaccinated people.


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