Apple loses Jobs' famous "One more thing" saying as trademark

Apple loses Jobs' famous "One more thing" saying as trademark

Traditionally, at the end of an Apple keynote presentation, Steve Jobs used to say "One more thing," giving his cue for an unexpected announcement of a new blockbuster product. No wonder, this phrase has become legendary because it is associated with Apple’s famous founder and its own marketing.

However, as it turns out, this phrase was used by the Swiss watchmaker as well. Over six years, the Swatch Group has been using the phrase "One more thing" in its marketing campaigns forcing Apple to take legal action against the company. Unfortunately, Apple has lost a legal bid to block Swatch from using "One more thing" saying as a trademark. The trial lasted since 2015 when Swatch Group unexpectedly patented this phrase and Apple called such actions unfair and illegal. Judge Iain Purvis admitted in his ruling that Swatch's intention to register this saying as a trademark could be an attempt to annoy Apple, but the phrase was used by other prominent people. He added that the phrase probably originated with the fictional TV detective Columbo. This character was well known for cornering criminals by asking them "just one more thing."

Notably, this is not the first time when Swatch Group takes Apple's advertising slogans. Earlier, Swatch registered the slogan "Tick Different" which echoes Apple's corporate slogan "Think Different", and also won the court.

Steve Jobs' successor Tim Cook also started using the phrase "One more thing" in 2015. Such a pity that Apple did not register this slogan beforehand.


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