Biden's spending bill called harmful to US values

Biden's spending bill called harmful to US values

Representatives of the US Republican Party have criticized President Joe Biden's grandiose economic plan. According to them, the idea of a "welfare state", on which the plan is based, contradicts American values.

Opponents of Build Back Better believe that subsidies to low-income groups undermine the national idea that work and welfare are inextricably linked. In fact, this contradicts the social doctrine of work incentives. In other words, handing out free money calls into question the need for such important things as education and labour, and discourages people from actively participating in the economy. Republicans said that the absence of the need to work and earn a decent living for themselves and their children would reduce the economic motivation of families, hurt small businesses and lead to an increase in voluntary unemployment.

"The proposal includes an elimination of the child tax credit as we know it, replacing it with welfare without any work requirement. Republicans believe the family is the foundation of a strong society, which is why we have supported expanding the child tax credit in the past. But we also know work establishes purpose and there is no government substitute for a job and an earned income," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wrote in an op-ed for the New York Post.  


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