France’s fishing disputes with UK deepen

France’s fishing disputes with UK deepen

Fishing disputes in UK waters have been proceeding. Brexit was the reason to reverse the policy of giving access to EU vessels to fish in British territorial waters. Besides, this new policy is not satisfactory to the EU.

France was the first to alarm as its fishermen could not enter traditional fishing areas. Now Belgium, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden, Malta and Latvia have taken France’s side. The countries are working out a common declaration against Britain. In this document, steady access of EU fishing vessels to British territorial waters will be a key requirement for further fishing negotiations. The EU authorities warn that the UK's failure to meet it could complicate industry cooperation and cause negative consequences for the British fishing industry in the EU market.

Currently, the UK officials stated that foreign vessels should provide evidence of a track record of working in UK inshore waters, including geolocation data, to receive a fishing license. However, the EU authorities believe that this requirement is not stipulated in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. According to EU regulations, fishermen are not obliged to have and provide this data. The declaration will be an act of solidarity of European fishing states with France, bearing the brunt of this problem.


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