White House to slap tariffs on several aluminum importers

White House to slap tariffs on several aluminum importers

The White House has announced an anti-dumping tax on certain sorts of aluminum foil from several importers, including Russia, Armenia, Brazil, Oman, and Turkey. The Federal Register unveiled the outcome of the investigation launched by the US International Trade Commission (USITC). Having completed a probe into the trade practice with Russia, the International Trade Commission concluded that some sorts of Russian aluminum foil are sold to the US at less than fair value. Besides, the Commission reached the same verdict of the anticompetitive practice with aluminum products from Armenia, Brazil, Oman, and Turkey. The International Trade Commission stated that foil imports from these countries materially injure the US manufacturing sector. Importantly, the investigation was requested by the Aluminum Association Trade Enforcement Working Group, representing American producers. The authorities gladly agreed to protect the interests of domestic manufacturers.             

Interestingly, the US administration decided to apply duties of a different size. The Commerce Department pointed out that aluminum by Russian RUSAL, the world’s second largest aluminum producer, will be subject to the heaviest import duty. The memorandum in the Federal Register reads that a preliminary tariff on RUSAL imports will be as high as 62.18%. At the same time, a 29.11% import duty will be imposed on products by Rusal Armenal, RUSAL’s subsidiary in Armenia.        




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