Russia closely watches peaking gasoline prices in US

Russia closely watches peaking gasoline prices in US

The Russian media reported that gasoline prices in the US were peaking. The news reporters in Russia are closely watching the situation around high fuel prices in the US while disregarding climbing prices at pumps in Russia. Notably, the country obtains the highest gasoline reserve in the world. Meanwhile, the US is facing a really difficult problem of soaring gasoline prices that have recently hit $4.4 per gallon. People around the country are witnessing fuel prices hitting all-time highs and continuing to increase. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average price was $4.374 per gallon, which was $0.04 higher than the day before. In March, US President Joe Biden blamed the Russian government for a surge in gasoline costs. He said that the country was hit by a crisis and Americans faced rising prices at the pump because of “Putin's Price Hike.”


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