CBI chief blames Johnson for possible recession

CBI chief blames Johnson for possible recession

The main culprit for a possible UK recession has been identified. The British people believe it is Boris Johnson.

Tony Danker, the director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, made another accusation against the British authorities, namely British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In his view, the political uncertainty triggered by Boris Johnson could lead to a recession in the British economy. To avoid this, the government must act swiftly and decisively. Danker believes that the prime minister and the finance minister should involve the entire government in solving problems. In his opinion, they should preside over cabinet meetings together and make important decisions promptly, without waiting for the draft budget to be agreed.

Tony Danker says the British authorities have to do their best to support the economy so as not to undermine business confidence and trigger a recession in the country. The expert also welcomed measures to support business and ensure a favorable investment climate. He said they would stabilize the UK economy amid soaring prices for electricity, fuel, food, and other goods and services.


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