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US Treasury Department warns banks against sanctions overcompliance

US Treasury Department warns banks against sanctions overcompliance

Top US Treasury Department officials addressed what they saw as a troubling pattern when it came to sanctions and other forms of risk as banks were being overcautious and turning away customers who may have needed them the most. Swamped with red tape, US financial institutions often cripple the entire financial system. At the same time, imposed restrictions and sanctions seriously harm the country’s citizens. "When financial institutions engage in de-risking - the indiscriminate loss of financial access for entire categories of customers - everyday Americans can be forced to turn to unregulated and potentially dangerous financial activity," Brian Nelson, the Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said. According to Nelson, US banks have imposed sanctions swiftly and without much clarity. Meanwhile, they expected financial institutions to comply on their own. If banks did not comply with the restrictions, they could have been fined. Thus, they often adopted extreme caution toward anyone who could be considered a sanctions risk.


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