Trump has no plans to return to Twitter

Trump has no plans to return to Twitter

On Wednesday, February 24, former US President Donald Trump claimed that he had no plans to return to Twitter. He stated that the popular social network had been unfair to him. 

"I’ll tell you it’s not the same. If you look at what’s going on with Twitter, I understand it’s become very boring and millions of people are leaving," Trump said. "We don’t want to go back to Twitter," he summed up. According to the former head of the White House, Twitter's attempts to mark his messages with ‘flags’ indicating inaccurate information were "disgraceful".

At the same time, the former American leader noted that he might join another social networking platform Parler. Notably, in his final days in office, Donald Trump was suspended from such social media services as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. After that, his former presidential adviser said that Trump "feels happier" since leaving the social networks.


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