UK and EU may enter “Cold mistrust” era

UK and EU may enter “Cold mistrust” era

Since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, relations between the two parties have been souring. British authorities threaten their former partner with an even poorer relationship.

Such unexpected announcements were caused by the dispute over trading arrangements governing Northern Ireland. The conflict has become so bitter that the parties have resorted to threats, warning of “cold mistrust”. “The stakes are high, the arguments can be bitter. And I worry this process is capable of generating a sort of cold mistrust between us and the EU which could spread across the relationship,” Britain's Brexit minister David Frost said. The fact is that Northern Ireland left the European Union as a part of the UK. At the same time, the country remains in the EU customs zone. Now, according to the Northern Ireland Protocol, all goods entering the region from the rest of the UK via the maritime border must pass customs checks. Notably, the land border is still open. David Frost said that the deal that was previously called successful needed some changes. “We need to see substantial and significant change,” Davis Frost emphasizes. The Brexit Minister supposes that the points of the agreement are inconsistent and vague. Lord Frost has been seeking amendments to the Protocol for several months already. However, the EU repeatedly refuses to reopen the talks on the issue.


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