Swiss voters back Netflix tax and Frontex funding boost

Swiss voters back Netflix tax and Frontex funding boost

Swiss citizens approved a tax on streaming services and an increase in funding for the European border agency Frontex in a referendum held on Sunday, May 15.

The first proposal, commonly known as Lex Netflix in Switzerland, would see streaming services invest 4% of their revenue into Swiss film-making, in line with requirements already in place for national television broadcasters. The proposal was supported by 58.42% of the voters, while 41.58% voted against it.

The second proposal involved raising Switzerland’s annual contribution to the Frontex border agency to $61 million from $24 million. 71.48% of voters backed the increase and 28.52% opposed it. Earlier, the Swiss government expressed concern that a failure to provide funding could result in Switzerland being excluded from the Schengen treaty.

Furthermore, Swiss voters approved a law establishing that all citizens would be a possible source of organ donations when they die unless they explicitly opt out. Earlier, potential organ donors were required to give consent during their lifetime. It was supported by 60.2% of the vote, whereas 39.8% of voters opposed it.


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