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Joe Biden: US ready to lead global economy

Joe Biden has stated the US remains the world’s leading economy and will always have such a status. This might not be an empty promise, however. Unlike many other politicians around the world, he actually may back up his words with action.
The US has always come on top against other countries, but even with very few challenges, keeping the lead is not an easy task. The only country that can seriously challenge US economic dominance is China. The US president reminded others that the United States is better prepared than anyone else to lead the global economy in the future. Speaking at a meeting on economic matters with his administration, Biden praised the state of the US economy and noted its advantageous position compared to other countries. 
“It was clear to me, and I think to most people, in those meetings that the United States is as well or better positioned than any other nation in the world to lead the world on the economy in the years ahead. And there’s a strong sense from all the leaders of the world of the strength of the American economy,” Joe Biden said.
He added that 10 million new jobs were created during his presidency.


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