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Musk postpones Twitter’s paid verification relaunch

Musk postpones Twitter’s paid verification relaunch

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk decided to postpone the launch of paid verification on the social media platform. However, his fans have nothing to worry about. The businessman has not lost his grip. The restart of the paid verification service has been delayed for technical reasons. Currently, the company cannot effectively prevent the impersonation of users' accounts.

At the same time, Musk sticks to his principles and focuses on generating profits. The news that Twitter would suspend paid verification was shocking to his fans. However, the company is “holding off relaunch of Blue Verified until there is high confidence of stopping impersonation." 

The Tesla CEO added that Twitter “will probably use different color check for organizations than individuals." Notably, Musk recently acquired Twitter for $44 billion. The billionaire tried to overhaul Twitter's blue tick verification system, turning it into paid service Twitter Blue for $8 a month.


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