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Twitter stuck with endless lawsuits

Throughout its existence, the Twitter social media platform has had to deal with a plethora of lawsuits. Interestingly, the world’s wealthiest person Elon Musk settled his takeover deal in court. The latest twist in the saga is that the landlord of Twitter’s headquarters filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk’s company. 

The real estate company sues Twitter for $136K in unpaid rent. The social media platform has been skipping out on rent payments since December. The building where Twitter occupies several floors is situated in San Francisco. The real estate company, Columbia Reit-650 California LLC, said that it warned Twitter in mid-December to make a rent payment within 5 workdays. Notably, this is not the first case in which the social media company fails to pay its bills. Earlier, Twitter was already sued by a software supplier and a logistics company for overdue bills. The new owner of the platform, Elon Musk, has been already accused of shenanigans. In October, Twitter investor Giuseppe Pampena brought legal action against Elon Musk for his manipulation of Twitter stock prices.

Elon Musk made a purchase agreement with Twitter on April 25, 2022. The deal worth $44 billion had to be finalized by the year end. However, the entrepreneur announced he was pulling out of the deal. Eventually, the takeover was nailed down in late October.                     



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