Scores of four interim InstaForex contests summed up

15.10.2018 12:25 PM

We have assessed scores and can unveil the winners of regular InstaForex tournaments. Today we are ready to announce the names of winners in the following contests: InstaForex Sniper, Lucky Trader, FX-1 Rally, and One Million Option. The company congratulates the heroes on the well-deserved victory and wishes good luck to all other participants on next contests.

InstaForex Sniper

InstaForex Sniper is tailor-made for the most accurate, fastest, and quick-witted traders. The latest stage of the competition revealed that Sergey Borisovitch Evseyev outperformed everyone and was declared the winner. This time, the fortune has been on his side. The next step of the InstaForex Sniper contest will be held from October 22, 2018 to October 26, 2018.

One Million Option

The One Million Option contest, beloved by our clients, assembles a large number of participants at every round. They dare to face a fierce battle, fighting for the title of the best option traders. This time, Denis Leonidovitch Afanasyev notched up a victory. Let's cheer our hero! The nearest step is just around the corner. It will start on October 22, 2018 and finish on October 26, 2018.

FX-1 Rally

Andrey Nikolaevitch Klimovets from Ukraine showed the best results at the latest stage of FX-1 Rally. We congratulate the winner and wish him to keep the status of the best trader at further stages. If you are longing for a tough competition, challenge yourself in the race for leadership. Welcome to the start of the next FX-1 Rally stage! Feel free to register and participate in the nearest tournament which will take place from 00:00 October 19, 2018 to 23:59 October 19, 2018.

Lucky Trader

A firm hand and focus on success are the keys to the victory in a two-week marathon Lucky Trader. If you manage to carry out flawless trading for two weeks in a row, you will be able to win this competition, just like Elena Petrovna Odnovalova did it. Let's cheer our winner! The nearest stage of the Lucky Trader contest will run from October 29, 2018 until November 9, 2018.

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