InstaForex to participate in landmark iFX EXPO conference in Dubai

11.05.2021 02:32 PM

For the first time ever, Dubai is hosting B2B Fintech iFX EXPO, a global conference, with InstaForex team among its participants. The event is a showcase for leading providers of financial services, including InstaForex. Despite some coronavirus-related restrictions, InstaForex is taking part in iFX EXPO Dubai 2021 in May 19-20 alongside other successful firms from various fields of the financial sector.

What is iFX EXPO conference about?

iFX EXPO is a flagship event for the community of fintech specialists. Since 2012, conferences under the iFX EXPO brand have united more than 1,500 top executives of the financial industry and assembled over 35,000 participants from all over the world. The exposition creates a great opportunity for experts and groundbreakers in the banking industry, financial technologies, payment systems, audit and legal services to share their business ideas.

InstaForex makes every effort to encourage rapid development, progress, and a search for cutting-edge solutions and partners. At the same time, iFX EXPO is a perfect business ecosystem to help companies achieve these ambitious targets. So, the nearest iFX EXPO conference is not only a landmark event in the financial industry but also an opportunity to find new strategic partners and discover valuable contacts.

Conference under pandemic conditions

The conference will be held obeying all healthcare rules. The United Arab Emirates is ranked second among large states in terms of mass vaccination. The hosts chose the 5-star exclusive Grand Hyatt hotel as a venue for Ultimate Fintech exposition. The hotel enables the hosts to follow all sanitary and safety guidelines and monitor a stream of people online.

How every InstaForex trader to benefit from this event

InstaForex is a powerful and ambitious broker. The leadership requires the company to search for the ways to expand its resources for traders. This year, iFX EXPO will be the unique place to engage with partners and the best providers of services in the following fields: technology & liquidity (trading platforms and payment solutions), digital assets & blockchain (cryptocurrencies and security), payments & banks (payment getaways, e-wallets, and technology) as well as regulation & compliance.

InstaForex team is certain that partnership with industry leaders will set the stage for the company’s bright future. All in all, our goals for iFX EXPO are clear: to search for new resources to develop trading opportunities and to strengthen security of clients’ transactions. iFX EXPO Dubai 2021 is sure to become the steppingstone to a higher level of the services quality and clients’ welfare.

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