21.07.2016 09:20 AM

Dear Traders!

You now have an opportunity to choose either a hedging or netting arrangement when opening an account for trading via MetaTrader 5 platform. MT5 accounts were originally created for exchange trading based on the netting system. This implies that a trader can only have one position opened on a given financial instrument at one time, and all subsequent operations on the asset will lead to a change of volume, closure, or reversal of the deal.

The new version of MetaTrader 5 now features the hedging system. It enables traders to open as many orders on a specified trading instrument as they like, including opposite positions. That way you can apply locking strategies, i.e. open an order in the opposite direction if you are already running a losing deal.

Both hedging and netting accounts have certain benefits. Before MetaQuotes Software Corp. added the hedging feature to MT5, traders who preferred hedging could only use the MT4 platform. From now on, hedging has been made available to MetaTrader 5 users as well.

If you are a holder of an MT5 account and would like to switch to hedging, please contact our client support team for assistance.

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