InstaForex Great Race 2013
Contest rules
Account type: demo accounts
Initial deposit: USD 100,000
Contest frequency: every two months from April 31, 2013, to December 31, 2013
Contest period: a month (each contest consists of four steps and the final)
Prize pool: USD 55,000

Contest participants carry out trading operations on demo accounts. After each contest step finishes, all trades are automatically closed at current prices. Those who made the largest deposits are announced as the winners.

InstaForex hastens to inform that on December 27, 2013, the InstaForex Great Race 2013 campaign was officially brought to an end. We express thanks and appreciation to all the participants. Soon, after proof of compliance with the rules, we will announce the number of the trading account that secured a victory for his owner in InstaForex Great Race 2013.

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