14.03.2023 11:49 PM
US stocks fall, but less than expected

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The main US stock indexes fell according to the results of Monday's trading, which was quite expected amid the situation in the banking sector. Nevertheless, there was no significant decline: the S&P 500 lost 0.15%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 0.28%, and NASDAQ even managed to rise by 0.45%.

The main problem in the banking sector was started by the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and its need to raise additional funds to meet the needs of depositors, which led to a loss of $1.8 billion. California regulators on Friday abruptly closed SVB, which became the largest bankruptcy in the US banking sector in the last 15 years.

Analysts said this situation was caused by the Federal Reserve's aggressive lifting of interest rates, which led to the fact that the assets of many banking and other financial organizations were simply devalued. Over the next few days, two more American banks were closed: Silvergate and Signature Bank.

At the same time, US financial regulators rolled out emergency measures for clients of bankrupt banks. So, from the beginning of this week, Silicon Valley Bank customers will be given access to their savings in the bank. Signature Bank depositors will also receive similar rights. All depositors will receive their savings from these banks regardless of whether they were insured or not.

To support banking institutions, the Fed is also taking a number of measures to help banks adapt to the rapid increase in interest rates. Such measures include new bank loans and access to the "discount window" of the Fed.

Stock prices of American banks are rapidly declining. The value of First Republic Bank dropped by 75%, so that the company was forced to suspend trading after reaching an annual low.

In addition, the share price of PacWest Bancorp and KeyCorp decreased by 54% and 38%, respectively. Companies were also forced to suspend trading. Comerica, Inc. fell by 44%.

A not so significant decline was noted by the largest banks in the CAA: Bank of America Corp. dropped 4.5%, while JPMorgan Chase & Co. declined 1.3%.

The US inflation report will be released on Tuesday. The Fed will likely consider this report when deciding on the next interest rate hike.

Before the crisis in the banking sector, most analysts believed that the rate would be raised by 0.5%. However, after the events that have occurred, more than half of experts are inclined to believe that the Fed will not force a rate hike by more than 0.25% at this month's meeting. Goldman Sachs shares the same opinion.

In addition, oil prices fell in the United States. West Texas Intermediate crude futures (WTI) dropped 2.5% to $74.80 a barrel, and Brent crude by 2.1% to $81 a barrel. Meanwhile, gold futures increased by 2.4% to $1,911.

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