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Nowadays information and time cost more than money, so private investors may face a challenge of finding high yield investment solutions that do not take too much time. Though some people associate Forex market with spending a lot of time and effort, modern Forex is ready to offer something completely different. Leading Forex brokers keep pace with not only time and its companion technological process, but also with expectations and needs of traders, regardless of how much effort and money they are ready to spend on it.

At present, traders do not have to waste their time in front of the screen waiting for a trend or learning fundamental and technical analyses. Forex market comprises people, a huge number of people, with different levels of knowledge and experience, trading both less and more effectively. At the same time, Forex is a boundless trading floor, a community, or even an organism. If someone is successful on Forex, he can share his knowledge with novices and those who have not succeeded in receiving stable profit yet. Now no one needs to find a Forex guru and try to learn something from him. It is much simpler. Brokers with extended client bases are able to provide their customers with new services of a higher rank. For example, InstaForex, recognized as the best broker in Asia, offers its customers the PAMM system. It allows traders to invest money in the trading accounts of other traders and become holders of a share in those accounts, or collect investments in one account and use them in trading Forex. During the last two years InstaForex PAMM system has gained great popularity among traders who enjoy more spare time and stable income from managing traders. On the other hand, managing traders having bigger amount of money invested increase their trading volume and, consequently, profit. Moreover, the PAMM system is absolutely transparent: you can track the positions of your trader and choose any manager in the monitoring list.

However, most members of the Forex community have already got used to the PAMM system. What is really innovative is a unique ForexCopy system by the best broker in Asia again - InstaForex Company. The system allows online copying deals of successful traders choosing the ratio. Unparalleled among services of other international brokers, the ForexCopy system by InstaForex is a high technology market maker and a new waymark on the market of top-notch financial services. The system is unique for it has nothing to do with investing in share projects; furthermore, it implies instant execution of the copied trades, copying trades on the preferred instruments and selecting the copying ratio. The ForexCopy system provides an opportunity to copy deals of successful traders, registered users of the system, and find out their trading strategy and statistics in Monitoring. Using the ForexCopy system, a novice not only gets profit, but also learns Forex basics. Thus, InstaForex Company can be considered the pioneer of a new trend on the Forex service market. It allows everybody to trade on the market spending less time and effort yet taking as much profit as experienced traders do. If you want to trade Forex and live your life to the fullest, InstaForex services are what you should opt for.

Magazine "Asian Banking & Finance", August 2012

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