All the information is divided into graphically featured sub-categories. You can customize the charts by selecting one or several currency pairs to show, setting a preferred time frame and other parameters.

Types of market statistics

Number of trades on a currency pair

The chart you can see in this section reflects how the number of trades on major currency pairs changes. This is the most accurate indicator of the Forex trade volume.

Aggregate position

A record of aggregate positions is available in this section. The chart shows change in the total number of trades with regard to a size of one lot for a given currency pair.

Volume of positions

The volume of positions on a given currency pair is a reliable gauge of funds invested in this particular currency pair in relation to total investment made on the foreign exchange market. The data represented in this section helps forecasting volatility.

Number of pending orders

The percent ratio of pending orders to the total number of trades measures market appetite for a given currency pair when a trend is emerging. If pending orders are numerous, markets participants are ready to open positions.

Percentage of bullish trades

A large percentage of bullish deals means that traders expect a rising price; and vice versa, when the percentage of bullish deals is small, Buy trades are growing less in volume. The indicator allows monitoring correlation between market sentiment and actual price moves.

Average entry points of bulls and bears

Average entry points of bulls and bears Average entry points of bulls and bears in the chart are calculated on the basis of average Buy or Sell prices at different moments of time. The points are useful for determining overbought and oversold levels of a currency pair.

Pending Buy orders

The chart showing pending Buy orders suggests approximate support and resistance for a given currency pair. The indicator is a good tool for forecasting further price growth or its slowdown.

Pending Sell orders

The chart displaying Sell Limit and Sell Stop pending orders shows upper and lower limits of the currency pair band. The band is shaped by a support line and a line denoting further downtrend. The indicator provides valuable insight into further trend behaviour.

Average weighted entry points

An average weighted entry point for a given currency pair and for all open positions in relation to the exchange rate is suggestive of how strong the trend is and whether it is set to finish or persist; it also indicates if there is a side movement.

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