In order to be among the prize contenders, make sure your trading account meets the main requirement of the campaign, which consists in the formula: A - B + C > 1500.00 USD, where A - sum of replenishments since October 27, 2014, B - withdrawals since October 27, 2014, C - trading results (in case it is negative, it is not taken into consideration). For InstaForex club card owners, the account must meet the following condition: A - B + C > $1000.00, where A is the amount of deposits from October 27, 2014; B is the amount of withdrawals from October 27, 2014; C is the result of trades. In case С<0, the condition is as follows: А - В > $1000.00.

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ATTENTION! You shall deposit USD 1500 to your account to be able to participate
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