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Win Lotus from InstaForex Campaign is Over

InstaForex Contest and Campaign Administration is happy to announce the triumphant of the Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign. It is Nazri Bin Zainuri from Malaysia.

The Fortune’s favourite won the main prize of the contest - Lotus Elise sports car. According to the campaign rules, the winner could choose either the luxurious automobile or $75,000 to his trading account. Having thoroughly considered all pros and cons, Nazri Bin Zainuri opted for the money.

Ten prize winners of the campaign whose account numbers partially coincided with the Lotus number received $200 to their trading accounts.

Here you can watch the video report on the festive ceremony and interview with the prize taker of Win Lotus with InstaForex:

In case you took part in the Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign, but did not win - do not be upset! Participate in the exciting Fast Ride with the Best Broker campaign and win a glorious car from InstaForex.

The Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign was held within the series of contests and campaigns by InstaForex Company with the total annual prize pool exceeding $500,000. If you are a customer of InstaForex, you can obtain a part of this amount!

Feel the speed of trading with InstaForex and speed of driving with Lotus!

Lotus number :

Lotus number was fixed at 23:59 (GMT+2) on May 27, 2011
The winner shall be determined by the 5 figures above based on the 5 currency rates (see the principle of Lotus number formation).

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