OPEC ready for deeper production cuts

OPEC ready for deeper production cuts

Nowadays, due to the current situation in the oil market, major oil producers have to cut their production further. It is reported that OPEC decided to significantly reduce oil extraction. Another possible solution for the cartel is to extend the current agreement for three months. According to preliminary estimates, production restrictions can increase up to 400 thousand barrels per day. Tamir Gadban, Oil Minister of Iraq, said that this figure was discussed and settled as a result of careful assessment by the OPEC members. The cartel is ready for deeper output cuts, though to a lesser extent. Under the ongoing agreement, OPEC+ has to reduce oil production to 1.2 million barrels per day. According to OPEC, such measures make the market tighter and help maintain the current supply on the level beneficial to consumers. Some experts expect Saudi Arabia to persuade OPEC and its allies to extend the agreement until the mid-2020. This would help Saudi Aramco, the state-run petroleum company, to successfully conduct an IPO. The terms will be discussed at the next OPEC+ meeting on December 6. According to a Saudi oil advisor, the kingdom needs stable oil prices at no less than $60 per barrel.
As a result of plunging prices, national investors involved in Saudi Aramco’s IPO would face multiple financial risks. Moreover, rising tensions in the Middle East pose a threat to the oil market. However, the oil producers in the Middle East and Russia can compromise if OPEC manages to extend the agreement. Presenty, Saudi Arabia is ready to reduce its own production to the maximum due to the probable decrease in demand next year. However, it will be possible when other OPEC+ members terminate their obligations.


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