AI to entail irreversible damage to labor market?
08-06-2023 15:43
AI to entail irreversible damage to labor market?
AI to entail irreversible damage to labor market?

According to Business Insider, a lot of analysts voice concerns about the growing impact of artificial intelligence on the global economy. At present, AI has been already firmly incorporated into a variety of sectors. It is likely to occupy the lion’s share of the global market in the foreseeable future. The key tools of artificial intelligence such as chatbots ChatGPT, Bard, and HeyPi are being actively developed and integrated in various economic sectors. 

Against this background, experts and market participants are trying to evaluate the extent of the gap between generations created by high technology. Remarkably, experts are worried that the chasm could be unbridgeable.     


Earlier, digital technology used to encourage rapprochement between generations and helped people express their viewpoints. However, the situation has changed dramatically. Analysts point out that the generation gap has widened notably after AI was introduced in different industries. Moreover, communication and understanding between employees have been dwindling. 

A few months later after chatbot ChatGPT was successfully adopted, a lot of experts are alarmed because high technology has been getting out of hand. Alternatively, their opponents urge business executives not to whip up tensions. 

Still, common citizens are puzzled over broad-based digitalization. Their concerns are shared by high-tech moguls, in particular, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and others. Technology entrepreneurs believe that powerful AI software should be designed and introduced provided that such tools are sure to notch positive results. Besides, it is essential to make sure they entail minor risks. In case high technology poses a threat, governments will have to pass a moratorium on developing advanced AI systems.       


In their research, experts cited answers obtained from ChatGPT. The cutting-edge AI assistant generated the following conclusion: AI developing at an accelerated pace could bring on lacunas in expertise and induce a generation gap. Another downside is that AI could wreck the established industries in economies.      


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