Trade Wise, Win Device Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

    • 1.1 Campaign Title - "Trade Wise, Win Device" (hereinafter - Campaign).
    • 1.2 Campaign is organized by InstaFintech Group (hereinafter - Organizer)
    • 1.3 Within the Campaign the following drawings are held:
      • The drawing of mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, Samsung and Samsung Galaxy Tab.
    • 1.4 The Campaign duration is two months, for that period four gadgets will be raffled by InstaForex Company.

2. Participants

    • 2.1. Full-aged citizens only who have real trading accounts with InstaForex Company (hereinafter - Participant) can take part in the Campaign.
    • 2.2. In order to participate in the Campaign, it is necessary to fund the real trading account with InstaForex Company with 500 USD or more during the Campaign period and join it on the page of registration.
    • 2.3. Participant has a right to open more than 1 account for the Campaign and raise own chances of victory. However, in case the Contest Administration detects more than 100 accounts registered by one person, it is entitled to decrease the number of accounts to 100.
    • 2.4. Any account meeting the following condition: A - B + C > 500 USD, where A is the sum of deposits since the January 1st, 2020, B is the sum of withdrawals since the January 1st, 2020, C is the trading result, is allowed for taking part in this Campaign.

3. Winners Determination

3.1. Determination of the winner in "Trade Wise, Win Device" campaign (further referred to as the Winner)

    • 3.1.1. The Winner's account will be determined by the following scheme: the last 5 digits of the account are used for the winner determination (no matter whether it is 5-digits, 6-digits or 7-digits). If these 5 digits coincide with Device number, then the owner of this account will win one of the gadgets raffled by InstaForex Company, i.e. iPad, iPhone, Samsung and Samsung Galaxy Tab.
    • 3.1.2. Every two weeks from the start of a new device draw at 23:59 there will be a quoting rates fixation for the moment of trading session close for the following pairs:
      • First digit of the Device number - the penultimate digit of the EUR/USD close rate
      • Second digit of the Device number - the last digit of the GBP/USD close rate
      • Third digit of the Device number - the last digit of the USD/JPY close rate
      • Fourth digit of the Device number - the last digit of the USD/CHF close rate
      • Fifth digit of the Device number - the last digit of the USD/CAD close rate
    • 3.1.3. Time and date of the Device number fixation:
      • 1 Device number (iPad - number) is fixed on the 15th day of the cycle at 23-59*;
      • 2 Device number (iPhone - number) is fixed on the 30th day of the cycle at 23-59*;
      • 3 Device number (Samsung - number) is fixed on the 45th day of the cycle at 23-59*;
      • 4 Device number (Samsung Galaxy Tab - number), is fixed on the 60th day of the cycle at 23-59*;
    • 3.1.4. If a non-participating account matches the generated Device number, then the preceding or following one is determined as a Winner. The Winner is selected on the principle of the largest deposit calculated by formula: A - B + C.
    • 3.1.5. If the Device number generated in the abovementioned way coincides with a 5-digit account number, a 6-digit account with the first digit excluded and a 7-digit account number with the first two digits excluded, then the prize - one of iPad, iPhone, Samsung and Samsung Galaxy Tab mobile devices will be presented to the holder of the largest balance account. The largest balance is calculated by the following formula: A - B + C. See clause 2.4.

4. Results Publishing

    • 4.1. Countries and regions statistics may be published.
    • 4.2. Campaign results are published during 7 days after the Campaign and all necessary checkings are completed.
    • 4.3. Campaign results are published on the official website instaforex.com.

5. Prize Taking

5.1. General Provisions

    • 5.1.1. In 20 days after results publishing the Winner negotiates with the Organizer on the date, time and place of taking prize by phone.
    • 5.1.2. After the winning trading account is determined the Organizer checks the Participant's information and participation legitimacy in the Campaign, according to the clauses 2.1. - 2.3. of these provisions. In case some data turns out to be untrue or the Participant does not have a right to participate in the Campaign, the draw is considered as invalid.
    • 5.1.3. In case the prize taking procedure (absence of ID or ID validity expiration and etc.) is violated by the Winner, the Organizer reserves the right not to give a prize.

5.2. Obtainment of the Campaign Main Prizes - iPad, iPhone, Samsung and Samsung Galaxy Tab

    • 5.2.1. The Winner can obtain one of the Campaign main prizes only in one of the Company's representative offices in the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg) or it can be delivered to any part of the world in accordance with the Winner's decision. Reconciliation includes reimbursement by the client of possible additional costs of transporting the prize.
    • 5.2.2. Prize is passed to the Winner only after ID checking and the Acceptance Certificate signing where the following information is written: full name, date of birth, ID data and phone number with a country and city code. In case the Winner does not provide this information, the Organizer reserves the right not to award the Winner.
    • 5.2.3. In case the Winner of the Campaign is not able to receive prize, treaty of cession can be concluded with another person by power of attorney from the Winner.
    • 5.2.4. As soon as the prize is obtained, the Campaign Participant is responsible for tax payment and other compulsory payments set by the Government.
    • 5.2.5. Instead of the main prize of the Campaign - one of the devices including iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and Samsung Galaxy Tab - the Winner may take the alternative prize: $1250 managed account. This trading account is subject to the special conditions:
      • The winners should open and verify their live trading accounts within 30 days after the contest results are published.
      • The initial deposit in amount of $1,250 is credited to the trading account only after the winner gets the second level of verification for this account.
      • the initial deposit in amount of $1,250 is not available for withdrawal, but any profit made over the bonus funds can be withdrawn without any restrictions.
    • 5.2.6. The Winner agrees that after any withdrawal is made the prize is being cancelled in full amount.

6. Final Provisions

    • 6.1. Organizer makes all data security arrangements related to the Campaign holding against unauthorized access and is not entitled to provide information to the third party.
    • 6.2. Winner's name can be published by the Organizer in advertising materials according to the Agreement terms. All the copyrights of advertising materials which were made using the abovementioned items are reserved by the Organizer.
    • 6.3. All disputes and disagreements which may appear relatively the Campaign and its results are solved by negotiations.
    • 6.4. Participation in the Campaign means the fact of acquaintance and agreement with its terms and conditions.
    • 6.5. If the Campaign Winner refuses to follow the regulations, it is taken as a reason for his account cancellation from the participants list.

7. Language

    • 7.1. The language of the present rules is English.
    • 7.2. For the Participant convenience, the Organizer can provide the rules in a language different from English. The translated version of the rules is of a merely informative character.
    • 7.3. In case of variant readings of a translated version and the rules in English, the rules in English are considered as a prior reference standard.

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