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Best Trading, Luxury Driving Campaign is Over

The Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign is over. The Porsche number that was generated on the basis of five major exchange rates was fixed on September 27, 2013 at 23:59. So the Porsche number of Best Trading, Luxury Driving is 21477.

InstaForex Contest and Campaign Administration carried out all the necessary checks to determine the trading account which was the closest possible to the Porsche number and met all the requirements. Thus, the winning account is 7021469. Its holder is Evgeniy Trots from Norilsk, Russia.

According to the terms of the Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign, the winner could choose a luxury Porsche Cayenne or trading account worth $200,000 as the main prize. After two weeks of reflection, Evgeniy opted for prize money.

InstaForex sincerely congratulates Evgeniy on his winning and wishes him every success and long-lasting cooperation with InstaForex.

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Your Trading Powered by InstaForex, Your Driving Powered by Porsche


2 1 4 7 7
Porsche number was fixed at 23:59 (GMT+2) on September 27, 2013
The winner shall be determined by the 5 figures above based on the 5 currency rates (see the principle of Porsche number formation).

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