22.06.202022:00:00UTC+00Japan Manufacturing PMI Data Due On Tuesday

Japan will on Tuesday see flash June figures for the manufacturing, services and composite PMIs from Jibun Bank, highlighting a modest day for Asia-Pacific economic activity.

In May, the manufacturing index was at 38.4, services was at 26.5 and the composite came in at 27.8.

The Philippines will provide April numbers for retail sales; in March, sales were up 1.1 percent on year.

Singapore will see May figures for consumer prices; in April, overall inflation was down 0.9 percent on month and 0.7 percent on year and core CPI was down 0.3 percent on year.

Taiwan will see May figures for industrial production and retail sales; in April, Industrial production was up 3.51 percent on year, while retail sales dropped an annual 10.2 percent.

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