2023.03.2903:44:00UTC+00NZ Dollar Rises Against Majors

The New Zealand dollar strengthened against other major currencies in the Asian session on Wednesday.

The NZ dollar rose to a 1-week high of 82.61 against the yen and a 6-day high of 0.6271 against the U.S. dollar, from yesterday's closing quotes of 81.85 and 0.6253, respectively.

Against the euro and the Australian dollar, the kiwi advanced to 5-day highs of 1.7283 and 1.0686 from yesterday's closing quotes of 1.7333 and 1.0727, respectively.

If the kiwi extends its uptrend, it is likely to find resistance around 84.00 against the yen, 0.63 against the greenback, 1.69 against the euro and 1.05 against the aussie.

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