Търгувай мъдро, Спечели мобилно устройство

В рамките на кампанията разиграваме такива мобилни устройтсва, като iPad, iPhone, Blackberry и Samsung Galaxy Tab.
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Contest period:
two weeks
Prize pool:
mobile devices

Спечелилият устройство ще бъде избиран чрез прозрачен алгоритъм, който ще определя така наречения Номер на Устройство (Вижте начина за определяне).

The mobile devices are raffled by InstaForex international broker holding a range of campaigns and contests with the total annual prize pool over $500,000. Being an InstaForex customer, you may get your slice of the money pie, win such sports cars as Ferrari or get a cutting-edge mobile device raffled by InstaForex Company.

Настоящото теглене вече започна, ще приключи на October 30, 2020. Можете да се регистрирате за следващото теглене, което ще се проведе от November 2, 2020 to November 13, 2020.*

*Конкурсът се провежда по терминално време

Номер на Устройство :

0 1 1 8 0
 оставащи секунди до следващ номер...
Победителят ще бъде определен от 5те цифри по-горе, базирани на 5 валутни курса (Вижте начина за определяне).

How to participate

Register for the contest


Top up your account with at least 500 USD


Sign up for the contest


Win one of the following devices: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Galaxy Tab


The Campaign duration is two months, for that period four gadgets will be raffled by InstaForex Company

For joining the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign, you are required to make a deposit of $500 or more to your account and registering on the corresponding webpage

Obtainment of the Campaign Main Prizes - iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Tab

An account with the last 5 digits coinciding with Device number (the last 5 digits of 5 major currency rates) is considered to be winning

Campaign results are published during 7 days after the Campaign and all necessary checkings are completed

The Campaign main prizes can be delivered to any part of the world

If you have any suggestions on how to improve our contests and campaigns, you can contact us via [email protected].

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