2023.01.2505:13:00UTC+00Japan Leading Index Falls More Than Estimated To 97.4

Japan's leading index decreased more than initially estimated in November to the lowest level in nearly two years, final figures from a survey by the Cabinet Office showed on Wednesday.

The leading index, which measures future economic activity, dropped to 97.4 in November from 98.6 in the previous month. In the initial estimate, the reading was 97.6.

Further, this was the lowest score since December 2020, when it was 96.5.

The coincident index, which measures the current economic situation, weakened to 99.3 in November from 99.6 in the previous month. According to the initial estimate, the reading was 99.1.

At the same time, the lagging index improved to 99.8 in November from 99.1 in the preceding month. The latest reading was revised down from 100.9.

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