Materiale analitice prevazute in acest capitol sunt forta de munca intelectuala a analistilor companiei InstaForex.
Aceste opinii nu constituie recomandari directe sau cauza de actiune, ci poarta in sine analiza situatiei actuale, pe piata valutara. In unele cazuri, parerile analistilor despre orice schimbari actuale pe piata pot fi diferitet in asa caz, noi va recomandam sa urmati publicarea de numai unui singur analist, care, dupa parerea dumneavoastra credeti ca cel mai clar si corect sa evaluiaza situatia pe piata valutara internationala.

Forex inside

The Forex inside section offers you the statistics on the Forex traders' activity. Thanks to the fact that more than 3 000 000 clients from all over the world have chosen InstaForex as their broker, the released data shows the exact figures of the current market trends. This section will be useful particularly to those traders who use the fundamental analysis as a base of their trading strategy.

Prime News

This section is daily replenished by prime news on the financial markets. Here you will find the latest information on the market's trends, currency and shares quotes, mergers, acquisitions, and investments, as well as experts' forecasts, periodic reports on major indicators and indices, news on the euro area and other material that can help you to develop your own trading strategy. The Prime News is the accurate, quick, and valuable information from all over the world.

Forex - stiri

In capitolul"Forex - stiri" al Companiei InstaForex puteti gasi intotdeauna cele mai recente stiri din toate centrele financiare mondiale. Compania InstaForex este un abonat oficial la fluxurilor de stiri de la agentiile de stiri cu cea mai mare reputatie si respect in lume.

Prezentare Forex - Analiza

Aceasta sectiune prezinta cea mai recenta si mai actuala analitica pe piata Forex. Materialul prezentat sub forma de lucrari de analiza, impartit in sase teme principale: analiza fundamentala, analiza fractala, analiza undelor, analiza tehnica, opinii, prognozari.

Forex - Calendar

Actualul Forex - Calendar este un instrument indispensabil de fiecare traider contemporan. In Forex - Calendar puteti gasi o lista completa a evenimentelor de pe piata valutara la o anumita data, si desigur orarul sarbatorilor si a weekend-urilor


Actualul Forex-TV, combina cele mai recente programe educationale pe piata valutara, rapoarte zilnice si saptamanale analitice, precum si interviuri cu profesorii si guru de pe piata valutara.

Pattern Graphix

Pattern Graphix is a plug-in for the MetaTrader4 trading platform. It serves as an indicator for graphical patterns. The indicator allows traders to analyze trading charts and determine the exit point to leave the market or decide on the type of a trade. It also has a function of immediate signals which appear when a graphical pattern is formed.

Market map

The market map is a new tool for trading on the currency market, developed by InstaForex. The market map enables you to quickly appraise the situation on major stock exchanges of the US, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, China. Trading data is based on the information from US Stock Exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ.

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