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Renowned sportsmen and actors tell their success stories, famed analysts and acknowledged experts of the world of finance discourse upon the niceties and pitfalls of the currency trading, while traders share their working experience with InstaForex. The Video interview section is your chance to be engaged in conversation with interesting people.

Maksim Magdalinin, InstaForex analyst, winner of Best analyst award in 2014 and 2013, talks about hallmarks of trading on Forex (Kiev, May 2015)

Victoria Azarenka, Olympic gold medal tennis player: "Be the first, work like the second" (Minsk, 2013)

Gleb Zadoya, leading financial expert at Analytics Online, tells how to succeed during an economic crisis (ShowFx World event in Moscow, April 2015)

Victoria Azarenka, Olympic tennis champion, speaks about psychology of winners (Minsk, 2013)

Victoria Azarenka, Olympics tennis champion, tells what helped her succeed and start a new phase in her career (Minsk, 2013)

Steve Ward, lecturer on trading techniques and psychology of trading, tells about trader’s essential character traits needed for successful work on financial markets (ShowFx World exhibition in Kiev, December 2014)

Svetlana Strelnikova, the leader of Russian Time racing team (GP2 series), speaks about the success formula for the transnational group (Grand Prix, Formula 1, Sochi, October 2014)

Dan Valcu, expert in Heikin-Ashi techique, tells about its features (InstaForex conference in St. Petersburg, October 2014)

Oleg Taktarov, a sportsman, actor, and showman, is talking about a trader’s capability to keep balance and stay active and fit (Kaliningrad, October 2014)

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