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SuperTrend indicator


Trend indicator SuperTrend was created on the basis of ATR and CCI. It is an excellent indicator of trend direction. It can be used as a foundation of the trading system that is based on following the trend.




Trading use

The SuperTrend indicator is build upon on two indicators – ATR and CCI. CCI (the standard parameter is 50) points the direction of trend movement, meanwhile ATR is used to determine the levels of indicator. If CCI is above 0, SuperTrend either rises or moves horizontally (depending on ATR). If CCI is negative, SuperTrend falls (depending on ATR also).

One of the possible ways to use this indicator is to enter the market after correction paying attention to the color of SuperTrend: if it changed from red to green (it means the trend turned from descending to ascending), wait for the first descending correction and open buy position. Open sell position if the indicator changed its color from green to red: wait for the first ascending correction and sell.

It should also be noted that SuperTrend can indicate the short-term support and resistance levels. But one should carefully study them before using and only if they are necessary. More accurate data of this type is produced by Tenkan and Kijun lines of Ishimoku indicator.

InstaForex SuperTrend parameters

TrendCCI_Period = 50

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