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European CEO Magazine, Winter 2017

Good time for good decisions (with InstaForex)

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European CEO Magazine, Winter 2017

The global community has witnessed game-changing events in 2016. The shocking Brexit vote at the UK referendum and the victory of underdog Donald Trump triggered dramatic market moves including the forex market. The pound sterling sank to a historical low, the euro limited losses, and the US dollar skyrocketed, defying investors’ expectations.

Interestingly, against the background of crucial changes in the global economy and nonstop developments on Forex, there is something unaffected by global turbulence. For instance, profits of InstaForex clients. It is common knowledge that a trader can grab a chance to earn fat profits from fluctuations of currency exchange rates.

Singapore Business Review, September 2015

InstaForex: Your broker, your facilitator

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Singapore Business Review, September 2015

InstaForex offers clients a real informative hub containing a great deal of information such as news updates, surveys, and exclusive analytical reviews.

We are living in the time of game-changing news and a vast non-stop flows of information, which we are carefully monitoring every day. Someone follows sport events, some people are particularly interested in politics. However, financial and economic news is wildly accepted to be the top priority.

Somebody wonders, “Why should I be aware of crises, IMF bailout loans, expansion or contraction of China’s factory output, oil dynamics, and similar things irrelevant to my daily routine?” Is it so important to know trends in the global economy? Or is it wise to know in advance about a looming crisis or recession?

Capital Finance International Magazine - Spring, 2015

Globally-recognized excellence

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Capital Finance International Magazine - Spring, 2015

Today there are lots of brokerage firms on the forex market. The lion’s share of them are small firms working under a license of a larger broker. As a rule, such companies charge higher service fees or hide their charges behind additional terms and conditions. Moreover, these brokers offer no more than just access to the market.

Market experts and savvy traders recommend opting for major companies having not only many years’ experience and large client base but also featuring a well-known brand. This overview is devoted to a broker that fits both requirements – InstaForex.

IAIR Magazine, July – December 2014

The Wonderful World of Forex has Never Been so Close

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IAIR Magazine, July – December 2014

Investment attractiveness of various markets is hardly stable. Most often investors favor one or another market or a market segment. However, there is one market that becomes an efficient investment platform when other markets are reeling from illiquidity, or excessive volatility and uncertainty. What type of the market is it? In fact, it is the one that serves all the rest markets providing them with cash. The foreign exchange market is considered a safe investment harbor giving quick capital gains and an intermediate between other markets. But its main feature is flexibility. Forex can be a good investment target, regardless of the political or economic background. Investors can take advantage from it even in crisis times, both in a regional and global scale. Whatever happens in the world, Forex will always respond to all newsworthy events and speculations, thus inviting investors to make some money. However, it is generally admitted that forex trading is not a breeze; it is a hard work, pure and simple. And if you are a person of great ambition, you have to sweat your guts out. Moreover, to start your trading career, you need to find a broker to be your guide, counselor and assistant in the field of foreign exchange investing. With all the abundance of brokers and dealing centers, you should choose from the top 10, at least from the top 20 leading and proven ones.

Singapore Business Review Magazine, July 2014

Right time for the right broker

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Singapore Business Review Magazine, July 2014

Before approaching to its midpoint, the year of 2014 has already demonstrated an intense economic and political activity worldwide. While some countries are still trying to get through the crisis aftermath; the others are struggling to take control of inflation and GDP playing with the interest rates; still others struggle for the world supremacy. All that cannot but affect the exchange rates, which sometimes lag behind the events, but sometimes anticipate them. Most of analysts and experts are of the opinion that 2014 is going to be a bumpy ride for currencies, or, speaking in professional parlance, it will be a year of volatility. The Fed will continue winding down the stimulus measures; the ECB is likely to cut the benchmark interest rate bringing it into negative territory. Meanwhile, the emerging markets are expected to take drastic action to maintain the economic growth. That guarantees pretty lively and rich year to be continued in terms of speculative maneuvers for the forex market.

IAIR Magazine, January – March 2014

Discover entire market with one broker

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IAIR Magazine, January – March 2014

Getting the full range of services from one provider, supplier, seller, or broker is the most common desire of consumers. In other words, they want to be a part of a certain segment of a market. Of course, the best thing is when a provider offers exclusive, high-quality, and advanced set of services for a fairly reasonable price. Today, a forex trader has to look for the key service —access to the market — at one broker, to watch financial information on a website of some news agency, and to follow forex analyses in various blogs and forums. It is utterly inconvenient to use and manage these resources in one browser, one monitor, and combine all these information in the way it brings a wishful result to a trader helping him to take correct and efficient decisions in trading.

IAIR Magazine, April – June 2014

Ideas that Take Shape

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IAIR Magazine, April – June 2014

For the recent 10 years, the Forex market has been truly considered the most attractive and rapidly evolving financial market for private investors around the world. The currency market is indeed available to everyone who has a few dollars and access to the Internet. All you need is to open a trading account and deposit $5. Voila! You are an eligible private investor operating on the Forex market. However, before you open an account with a random broker or dealing center, it worth spending some hours or even days to pick the right brokerage firm which will enable you to become not only a Forex investor and speculator, but a profit-making trader. The decision to become a trader is not enough.

Singapore Business Review Magazine, April 2014

Your finances through the lens of a Forex broker

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Singapore Business Review Magazine, April 2014

In today’s world, it is getting more and more difficult to live without information about business and politics. In some cases ignorance of politics can be winked at, but being unaware of major financial laws can weigh on efficiency and result in losses not only for companies and households, but also for individuals. Anyway, almost every employed person keeps some savings at home, in a bank, or invests them in various assets. It can be precious metals, shares, and works of art. However, the most popular saving and investment instrument rolled into one is a currency or a basket of currencies.

European CEO Magazine, Autumn 2013

Forex for the masses

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European CEO Magazine, Autumn 2013

It is crucial to find a reliable broker that can provide solutions for investors with different levels of competence. Through supreme customer service and diverse financial instruments, InstaForex delivers on all counts.

When all global financial platforms are easily accessible, you can break new ground in profit-making. From ECN forex to the markets of derivatives and commodities, InstaForex gives free rein to its customers in choosing the most convenient trading instruments and terms. This allows clients to work with classic currency instruments, forex options, shares, indices, and futures CFDs. In addition the company has four types of account tailored to suit each and every trading strategy. This includes cent accounts that can be chosen for small deposits, as the minimum volume equals 0.0001 of a trading lot. To optimise trading and arrange the working process, a trader can set the required leverage individually from 1:1 to 1:1,000.

World Finance Magazine, August 2013

Adapting to forex market density

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World Finance Magazine, August 2013

In the saturated market of retail forex, it is not enough to offer a good service. Brokers need to maintain originality to provide the best service possible. World Finance speaks to Vladimir Syrov, Director for Business Development at Instaforex.

Through the creation of its PAMM system – which allowed traders to manage not just their own funds, but joint capital as well – InstaForex managed to position itself within the forex industry in 2009, back when retail forex was still an emerging market. “We were among pioneers,” says Vladimir Syrov, Director for Business Development of Instaforex. “It was a case of whatever innovation we brought, we would increase the customers’ base significantly because we were among the first to understand the potential of retail forex, especially in Asia.” Instaforex facilitates exactly what its name implies: instant forex trading. The PAMM system permits the transfer of funds under the company’s control to entitle an investor to share in a trader account proportionate to their investment.

Efficient online management means that all users are provided with control and report on all operations, shares and returns automatically. But it is all very well and good to be considered innovators when the market is still fresh. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. Four years on and a very different landscape presents itself. The market density is close to 100 percent, representing a major paradigm shift in the way in which retail forex operates.

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