IFX Option Trade is an additional component to the InstaForex trading platform. The program, which is supposed to be set up manually ( Please select the MetaTrader 4 data directory - File>Open data directory). Using IFX Option Trade you can perform the following actions:

  • to buy an option;
  • to close or cancel an option;
  • to watch the transactions history.

IFX Option Trade is an alternative way of trading options to the one in Client Cabinet. Besides, IFX Option Trade is extremely easy and user-friendly program.

Download complex IFX Option Trade

IFX Option Trade advantages

IFX Option Trade has the following advantages:

  • the program starts with several clicks thanks to the simple and convenient access;
  • the program is integrated into the platform that allows you to trade options and, at the same time, observe the currency market situation;
  • extended toolkit and straightforward interface ensure comfortable trading;
  • high-speed execution.

InstaTrader Settings

Before starting IFX Option Trade make sure that settings of the trading platform are correct (go to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors):

Other parameters are not important for IFX Option Trade.
Verify that all settings are correct and then click OK. Now InstaTrader is ready to run IFX Option Trade.

To buy option

After the startup of IFX Option Trade you will see the open window with the New Option tab:

This tab offers to choose parameters for an option.
As soon as all the parameters are set, you should click Calculate Profit. Then you will see the window showing all the information about your option:

To buy an option, you should click Buy Option. You can get back to the previous button by clicking Cancel.
When option purchase is completed, you will see the following window:

To close or cancel option

To choose current options available for closing (canceling), you should go to the Current Options tab.

To cancel an option, you should click Cancel in the corresponding cell of the current options table. Right after that, you will see the window asking for closing confirmation:

As soon as you approve the closing, the option will be closed (canceled).
Please pay attention to the fact that Current Options tab displays all the options for the current day. However, you can cancel only those ones, the activation time of which has not come yet.

Options history

To see the transactions history , you should go to the Options History tab:
The history of the current options (completed for the current day) you may also find on the Current Options page.

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